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Day 11 – A Short Post

I’m tired tonight, so I promise that today’s post will indeed be short.

Short recap of the day: Filip and I dropped Susie off at the airport so she can visit our friends in Arad for a week, then we spent way too long trying to email forms to our insurance agent so we can get insurance here (it’s required before Romania will grant us residency).  While driving around with Filip, we ran across a handful of people who were most likely modern-day slaves.  It makes me sick that people can be so cruel.  Pimps will force others to go out on the street begging, washing car windows, or prostituting themselves, then they’ll pocket the money for themselves and send their slaves out again tomorrow.  Only the power of the Gospel can ever change the hardened heart of a pimp or heal the brokenness of a slave.  I read this article today about a Romanian sex slave who recently found her freedom.  People need the Gospel so bad…

To shift gears a little (OK, a lot), Jessie and I did some Romanian language practice for a couple hours, which was really good and much-needed.  I wish we could just download the language into our brains and know it instantly…

We found out about a good tutor today, but she charges way too much – $15 / hour / person if you do at least 2 sessions a week.  So that’s at least $60 / week, $240 /  month, for only 2 hours every week with her, if we were to go with her.  We’re looking and praying for better, cheaper options.  We’ll go with her if we have to, but it just seems like a convenient way to take advantage of “rich” Americans coming to the city and in need of language training.  I’m sure she’s a great person and a really good teacher, but at that rate, if she worked full-time with just my family, she’d make over $60,000 a year.  Sorry, but that just seems ridiculous to me.  Especially when a typical senior software engineer only makes $20,000 a year in this city (see here).

Enough grumbling.  Just pray we’d find a good, affordable way to learn the language quickly here.

Tonight, Adiel and Simona Bunescu, the pastor of Missio Dei and his wife, had us over for dinner.  They’re really awesome and have paid a heavy price to plant the church, in terms of criticism and controversy and lost friendships.  We talked about revival in Romania, problems in the churches, Romanian history, how Communism affected the church, what was going on during the revolution of 1989, how to say Romanian words, theology, the Holy Spirit, evangelism, and way more stuff than I can bring up tonight.  We ate castraveţi cu marar (cucumbers and dill), şniţel (schnitzel, fried chicken), porumb (corn), pilaf (a rice and vegetable dish), and clătite with gem (crepes with homemade jam).  So good.  Simona is an amazing cook, and we all enjoyed the time together very much.  The meal was minunat (wonderful)!

I would like to say more, but I’m really tired and should get to bed.  Adiel and Simona are amazing people and we’re really blessed to know them.  They’re pioneering something new in Romania, paving the way for a future generation of Christians to live authentic lives before Jesus, without religiosity or empty tradition.  Adiel has taken all his beliefs and laid them down before the Bible, only picking back up those that line up with the Scriptures.  He’ll admit there’s still stuff he’s learning, but he’s ready to change if the Bible shows he’s wrong.  I think that’s good.  🙂