The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

A Little More About Vasilica

Friday nights, we head over to Vasilica’s house to share the Gospel with the drug addicts and junkies who gather there.  You never know what’s going to happen, but it always ends up good.

Sometimes, all we do is get to encourage Vasilica, who is the only Christian in the drug house.  She refuses to eat the food they steal, sometimes going days without eating.  The junkies mock her, criticize her, and sometimes even beat her physically.  We’ve attempted to get her out of the house and into a better living situation, for her own comfort and safety, but she refuses to leave, telling us that this is her ministry, to shine as a light to these people who have no other way of seeing Jesus

Other nights, we get invited into the midst of the drugs, cheap beer, and cigarettes, addicts asking us to pray for them, asking us about Jesus and Heaven and Hell.  It’s dirty, messy, and uncomfortable, and we always leave smelling like an old biker bar, but the whole experience makes you feel a little more like Jesus hanging around with the prostitutes and tax-collectors, telling them about the Kingdom of God.

Vasilica is committed to shining for Jesus in the midst of this darkness.  Rather than leave for more apparent safety or comfort, she feels the presence and power of God on her to minister, and she doesn’t wanna leave that safety.  She’s planted her feet here, and she’s not going to leave until the light vanquishes the darkness.

One night, we met a young man who asked us to pray for him to receive more of God’s power in his life.  We prayed and then he shared his story.  Some time ago, he was addicted to ethnobotanicals, legalized narcotics that used to be sold at neighborhood “spice shops.”  The government closed the spice shops to clean up the city a little bit, but they never did anything about the drug dealers or their stores of drugs they were selling.  So while the shops were closed, the deals went underground.  And now free from taxes and regulations, sales increased.  Thank you, government.

So this young man was addicted to drugs, frequenting the drug house that Vasilica’s husband runs, and one day he had a really bad trip.  He dramatically explained how he felt snakes start to crawl up from Hell and enter his body, he felt the ground opening up and begin to swallow him, he felt flames start to devour him.  As most of us would do, he freaked out, running around the streets screaming and writhing in pain until Vasilica found him.

As he describes it, Vasilica walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders.  Instantly, the hallucinations stopped and he had no more desire for drugs.  From that moment, he was free, and he’s never gone back.

Amazingly, this young man has somehow been able to resist surrendering to Jesus.  Even though he was dramatically delivered from drug addiction and probably death, he treats Vasilica and religion with a huge amount of respect and awe, but he hasn’t surrendered to Jesus Himself yet.

Pray for Vasilica to keep shining as a light.  Pray for the drug addicts who come to her house to encounter Jesus and be changed forever.


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