The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

Of Cherry Stems, Horse Tails, and Corn Silk

No, we’re not into witchcraft now. And no, this is not some creepy potion. Instead, it’s an herbal tea concoction that a friend of our recommended for kidney and bladder problems. Apparently, his wife gets 3-4 UTIs per year, and this, combined with a natural medicine called Urinal (haha, yep)–a concentrated tablet of the enzymes present in cranberries–work together to knock out kidney and bladder infections and dissolve kidney stones.

Since moving here, I’ve gotten severe pain in my kidneys a few times, and this tea and Urinal pill eliminate most of the pain within a day! I never had any of those kinds of problems before, so I’m not sure if it’s something I’m eating or the water I’m drinking here that’s causing kidney and bladder pain, but I’m amazed at this natural, and cheap, remedy (the three teas together cost around $1 or 2) and how it works. I mean, who ever sat around and thought, “I’m going to pour hot water over cherry stems and corn silk (stuff that’s usually tossed out) and drink it to see if it works for my bladder infection?” However odd it seems, it’s working, and I’m recommending it to others with similar problems. Because those kinds of issues seem to be pretty common here.


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