The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

Outnumbered at Immigration


We headed back to the Immigration Office again yesterday.  We thought we had everything in order to get our Visas, but it turns out we need a few more things.  In addition, previously we had been told the kids wouldn’t need to apply for Visas, that they’d just come in under Jessie and I, but now they want us to file paperwork and pay taxes for each of the kids.  This is getting more and more expensive every day…

I have some awesome news, though:

First, even though we didn’t have all the paperwork together for Jessie and I (no one tells you exactly what you need and even the official documentation they give you is very vague and doesn’t have everything included in it), the woman at the counter sent in the order for our Visas as long as we promised to come back soon with the few remaining items we need – our original housing contract, some stamps (of course), and a new medical certificate.  That would never happen in America.  Sometimes, the flexibility of the Romanian legal system is really beneficial.

Second, we had been threatened with late fees between $100 – $700 per person for being almost 2 months late on getting everything together, but they processed all the paperwork without ever bringing up our lateness.  Praise God!

But the real reason I wanted to post tonight (or today, depending on where you are reading this), is to stir up some prayer for Romania. While in the Immigration Office yesterday, it was overwhelmingly clear that the Christian missionaries were completely outnumbered.  The score, as I figured based on shirts and headgear, was Mormons: 14, Muslims: 10, and Christians: 6, just my family.  Wow, pray that God would send more missionaries to Romania.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons have been very active here for a few years, always on the streets and in the apartment blocks seeking converts.  I’ve run into more of them here than I ever did in the States.  In our four months here, we’ve been approached by either cult at least 3 times.

Muslims are increasing in numbers by specifically targeting refugees, internationals, the homeless, and Gypsies, using oil money and marriage to coerce people into the religion.

The parks are frequented by random cults, especially this time of year when the students are back in town.  Our friend Jason was approached today by some members of an odd Korean cult regarding the Heavenly Mother.

Anyway, pray for more Christians to get serious about spreading the Gospel in Romania, especially in Bucharest, where people are the most open to new ideas.  And pray for us as we witness to people and shine Jesus’ light.  I figure, if all the cultists are coming here, there must be a harvest in the making and the enemy is just trying to get in on the action.  Well, thankfully we serve a really big God who already knows how Bucharest is going to be won to Him.  All we gotta do is be faithful to follow Him each step of the way and watch Him change this city for His glory.


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  1. Wow, your photo of the office makes it look so nice and clean and friendly, like an old church or quaint country doctor’s office.

    September 19, 2012 at 5:04 pm

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