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Is this Mazo?

Since only a select few will understand the reference above, I’ll share the other titles I was considering: “I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt” and “Help, I’ve Wandered Onto a Nudist Colony!”

We had been warned (through guidebooks and friends) that summertime in Bucharest means a lot fewer clothes, but I wasn’t really prepared for today’s events.  This morning, I decided to meet with God at Parcul Titan, one of the nicest parks in the city.  The sun was up, the weather was warm, and so I figured it’d be a good day to meet with God and get some work done outside.

After following a wrong map to the park (thanks, RATB, for changing the routes since my app came out), I sat down to meet with God in a nice shady spot on a hill.  After reading the Bible and spending some time in prayer, I decided to walk around a little and find a new place to sit and work on our monthly newsletter.  I found a good spot to sit down in the shade, turned the computer on, and got to work.  I barely got started when a bunch of guys around me started stripping down to their underwear and diving into the water.

I, like most Americans, am aware that guys in Europe tend to wear swimsuits that are slightly smaller than our versions, but these were  not swimsuits.  Despite the fact that I was now surrounded by guys in their underwear, or maybe because of it, I got a lot done.  It definitely made it easier to focus and not do a lot of people-watching.

After a while, I wanted to switch to a new outdoor office location, so I wandered over a bridge and onto an island in the park’s lake.  This was when it got really weird.  As I sat there typing, two women popped up from some long grass in front of me.  Apparently they had lost the tops of their swimsuits in the grass because they weren’t wearing them.  That’s when I decided it was time for me to find a new place to work, just as another woman came up the trail.  I’d say she was half-naked, but she was definitely wearing less than 50% of the clothes she should have had on.

On your way to the subway station by Parcul Titan, you walk through a path in the fields.  I figured it’d be pretty safe there, far from the water and the sunbathers, and it was mostly deserted except for two very large, very old women wearing even less than the previous women.

OK, time to go home!

Well, I didn’t want to share this only to make you laugh, but also to show you one of the needs Romania has.  Women in Romanian society are viewed as little more than sex objects, and most don’t seem to mind.  Yeah, that’s a generalization, and yeah, you might disagree, but that’s what it looks like from my perspective.  Some guys unashamedly snapped photos of the topless women at the park today, in full view of everyone, including the women, as if they were animals in a zoo or a tourist attraction.  There’s literally thousands of erotic massage flyers and posters around, each proudly displaying barely-clothed women.  Every newspaper has ads for webcam models and escort services.  A lot of the women dress like prostitutes.  Guys walk around with their women like they own them.  You can call it sexual-liberation if you want to, but it’s not freedom.  It leads to premarital sex, broken hearts, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, bitterness, the highest abortion rate in the world…

When God invades this society, all that will change.  Men will treat women as they deserve, sisters to watch over, defend, and honor, not objects to lust over like the latest Apple product.  And women will know their true value goes much deeper than what she can give a guy with her body.  She’s a child of the King, bought with the blood of His Son.


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  1. My brother all of Europe is this way many years ago i went to a Baptist Campground in Sweden and found the women topless I of course left and was sickened. Its bad enough with those who have never heard this gospel behave in such a way….. but it has so infiltrated the church….. there is such a need to teach on purity…… Thank God there are aome places whgo are now beginning to hold up a standard…. praying for you my friends may God give you many, many, souls…. those parks are ideal for street meetings…. if you begin preaching even in English you will soon gather a crowd and some will find Christ!!!!

    June 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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