The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

Casa Noastră

We have mostly settled in to our new home, a cozy three bedroom apartment across from a giant mall with a wonderful and friendly owner who speaks almost no English. Here are some photos from inside!


This is our kitchen. The small gas oven/stove must be lit with a lighter each time we use it, and all the markings are rubbed off so we have to guess at the temperature!


 Illiana sitting at our table. We hooked Isaac’s high chair on to the “microwave cart.”


Our living room. It came with satellite TV. We didn’t even get any kind of TV back in the States!


One of our bathrooms. This one has a tub. I’ve noticed that Romanian bathrooms all have these handheld showers and no shower curtains. Our other bathroom doesn’t have a tub like this.


Jake’s and my bedroom with standard balcony beyond the curtain.


View through our balcony window. Here you can see what the apartments mostly all look like on the outside.


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