The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

Days 4,5 and 6 – We Have Internet Again!

We finally have internet here, so we can update the blog!

We’ve spent the last few days really suffering for the Gospel – ate some more gelato, got our grocery shopping down (well, for now, until we figure out how to use the cheaper markets), got coffee at Starbucks this morning before church, listened to the sounds of Bucharest in our 5th-story balconies a few evenings, enjoyed the 85-degree weather, took long walks through the neighborhoods, explored the old Bucharest city center, hung out with a great group of Christians…

Sometimes, it’s frustrating just how much of our time has to be devoted to stuff that doesn’t seem to matter – figuring out how to buy groceries, cleaning and setting up our apartment, walking to the store (we do a lot of walking!)…  The other day, the key to our apartment broke, the first time I used it.  Thankfully, we found another one in the midst of cleaning, but it meant things were a little crazy until we found it.  Then the intercom (interfon in Romanian) wasn’t working, so we couldn’t let anyone into our apartment building.  I fixed that today, so now we can let people up when they come by.  I spent almost 45 minutes untangling phone, TV, and power chords in our apartment yesterday.  I guess I could have just shoved them behind the cabinet, but I NEEDED to know they were organized.

Oh, and Naomi pulled over a 7-foot cabinet full of food in our temporary apartment.  Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt, but the glass door shattered and food spilled everywhere.  And today she destroyed a shelf in the wardrobe in her bedroom.  I’d say she broke it, but it definitely was destroyed.  Partly, the furniture is old, not anchored to the wall very well, and built of cheaper materials, and partly she’s just being careless.  It wouldn’t bother me so much except that it’s not our stuff even.  In Bucharest, when you rent an apartment it comes with all the furniture included, so everything she’s breaking isn’t even ours.

I just wanna get unpacked, get on with learning the language, and then start reaching the lost and discipling Believers.  We’ve only been here 5 days, but I see so many faces every day, so many people, and most of them don’t know Jesus.  I just wanna do evangelism and reach people for Him!  We did get to pray for one woman near Carrefour the other day.  I don’t think she understood much of what we were saying, but I definitely enjoyed the chance to do something other than figure life out.  Well, we’re really learning to wait right now…

I’m in a bad mood because Naomi just broke the shelf, but things have over-all been really awesome.

We found and  moved into an apartment by our third day in town.  Pretty cool how God just made it all work out so well.  When we moved in, our realtor, Adi, helped us move all our luggage in his tiny little car.  I told him not to worry about it, that Filip would be by the next day with a big van, but he insisted.  After we made a handful of trips, he was late for his next meeting, and we still had a few trips to go, I asked again, “Are you sure you want to stay?  I think Filip can help tomorrow.”

He insisted, in English that’s much better than he thinks, “And what if I was Jesus?  Then what?  Would Jesus stop now?  What do you think He would do?”

I told Him, “Well, I guess Jesus would keep helping.”

“Yes,” said Adi, “Jesus would not leave, and I must be like Jesus.  So we will finish.”  And we did.  Adi helped with everything.  He even called the next day to make sure we slept good and still liked the place.  “You are my brother,” he said.  “If you need anything, you call me and I will help you.”

I think we’ll be taking him up on that offer.

Today, we went with Filip to the Missio Dei church service.  Of all the churches I’ve seen in Romania, these guys remind me the most of Cornerstone.  It’s mostly young people in their twenties, everyone is really smart, they’re passionate to change the world, they’re not legalistic, they love Jesus and are telling their unsaved friends about him… and they’re hungry for God.

They listen to Jesus Culture music and John Piper sermons.

It’s a pretty small church (maybe 60 people at today’s service), but they’re changing Bucharest one person at a time – young people are getting saved and getting stirred up to reach their friends.  But they’re small compared to the three million people in this city, and there’s so many more people in Bucharest who need the Gospel.  Please pray for Missio Dei, that they would continue to reach the lost of this city, and pray for all the other churches in Romania like them, who are leaving behind religious legalism and pursuing the simplicity of a life-changing relationship with Jesus Himself.


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  1. Grandma Karen

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY on May 7th, Miss Naomi!

    May 6, 2012 at 10:58 pm

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