The missionary adventures of the Stimpson family

I’m Mad at Romanian

This is probably not a good way to begin a blog about our missionary journey to Romania, but I gotta vent a little bit.  I’m mad at the Romanian language right now.

You know when you’re supposed to be doing something but you don’t do it, and then you wait even longer and longer before doing it, so eventually you feel really guilty for not doing it, and then you get mad at the thing itself for even existing because if it didn’t exist you wouldn’t have to feel guilty for not doing it?  Well that’s how I feel about the Romanian language right now.

We were doing very good about studying Romanian on a regular basis, systematically working through lessons, listening to music and audiobooks, watching movies in Romanian, and then I just got really busy about 2 weeks ago and haven’t even looked at Romanian since.  Now it’s been a while since I’ve studied it, and I can hear its mocking voice tormenting me for being a slacker, and I despise the language itself for not having the decency to just magically learn itself.

Just to show the language how much I despise it for its rudeness, I’m refusing to learn it.  How dare a language mock me and make me feel guilty for not spending time with it.  I will teach it a lesson by giving it the silent treatment.   See how you feel about that, Romanian.  Let’s see who misses who when you’re all alone and there’s no one studying you.

English doesn’t make me feel guilty.  English never mocks me or calls me a slacker.  English treats me good…

Welcome to the emotional ups and downs of preparing to leave for overseas work.


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